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    Since 1959, the American Horticultural Society has sponsored and coordinated a Seed Exchange among AHS members so that gardeners throughout the United States have an opportunity to try growing a wide variety of new and heirloom plants.

    Tech Alert: Before you make an online payment to the AHS, please update your browser and operating system. Keeping your data safe is a priority for us! In anticipation of online payment processing security requirements going into effect nationally in June, please make sure to update your web browsers and operating systems on desktops and mobile devices to compatible versions. After March 15, older versions will no longer be able to access our online forms for memberships, donations, and reservations.

    How the Seed Exchange Works

    Each fall, seed companies and AHS members send in seeds collected from their gardens to share with other members.

    Only AHS members may donate seeds. Seed donations must be postmarked by November 1. Use the Donor Information Sheet (on the last page of the September/October issue of The American Gardener magazine) for each type of seed.

    AHS staff and volunteers compile a list of the submitted seeds along with information about how to grow and care for them. The seed list and order form are then posted on the AHS website in late January the following year.

    All AHS members can order seeds from the exchange, but those members who sent in seeds get first choice when ordering. This can be an advantage because some rare or uncommon seeds can be in short supply. There is no charge to order seeds, but a donation is requested to cover the costs of shipping and handling.

    If you are not an AHS member but would like to order from the 2019 exchange, you are welcome to join the AHS today

    Contact Member Services at (703) 768-5700 ext. 119 or email to join, or check your membership status and/or renew.

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    Not a Member?

    The Seed Exchange is open ONLY to AHS members. Join the AHS now!

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    Learn more about AHS and what we do for our members and the gardening community.

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