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    July 13, 2013


    Experience the beauty of Boulder, CO

    Join us for this special evening concluding the symposium to learn about Niwot Hops’ growing methods, relationship to Avery Brewing and the local ag community, and their account of the season’s horticultural trends and patterns as witnessed on their land.

    Niwot Hops Farm

    Will and Lisa of Niwot Hops produce herbs, flowers, vegetables, and honey in addition to 3 varieties of hops.

    Committed to the care of soil and biodiversity on the farm, Lisa and Will are passionate about growing organically, and producing and selling locally, while striving to conserve energy and water. All of their crops are grown on highly efficient drip-irrigation systems and are dried using a unique solar-powered drier.

    Niwot Hops intentionally grows herbs, flowers and companion plants to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. They grow specific plants to aid in their beekeeping efforts and specific plants to help with the hop yard.


    Avery Brewing

    What is a trip to Colorado without tasting some local brews?  Colorado is home to over 160 established craft brewers located across the state, with many start-up breweries in the planning phase. These breweries are located in and are a vital part of local communities.  We’ll be visiting Avery Brewing, who has been using Old World traditions and experience to create unique ales and lagers that hold a special place amongst other beers for being creative and bold. Eschewing popular market demands, Avery Brewing is committed to brewing what it likes and continually finds dedicated fans around the country.  Attendees will get a tour of the brewing facility and, of course, have the chance to sample several varieties.


    Crust Pizza

    Crust is a mobile wood-fired kitchen, cooking up delicious pizzas from locally sourced ingredients in a 3500 lb. copper and clay Le Panyol oven.  They travel throughout the Denver region bringing tasty pies to all sorts of events, and will be joining us for the post-symposium trip at Niwot Hops Farm! Dawn Dennison will be leading the dinner using ingredients from Niwot Hops and other local farms to serve up 4 different types of delicious pizzas, and a big farm salad.


    (Please note: You must be 21 or older to join this event. Since alcohol will be served, you must ride the motorcoach to and from the event)