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    Sessions are organized into areas of interest, to help make the information most relevant to you easy to locate.

    Session Topics

    Topic Areas



    A4 - Benefits of School Gardens

    B1 - Cross-Curricular Cooking

    B2 - Slow Food in the Garden

    B4 - Little Budget, Big Impact! Hands-on Lessons Needing Few Supplies

    B5 - Li'l Sprouts: Growing Gardens and Toddlers Together

    B6 - Got Veggies?: Garden-Based Nutrition in Action

    C1 - Plants from WHEN and WHERE?

    C2 - One Week Gardening Camp Ideas

    C3 - Recipe for Success: Developing Garden-Based Culinary Programs

    D5 - Garden Mindfulness Games

    D6 - Developing Curriculum Resources and Networking for School Gardens: A Model

    E1 - The Children's Vegetable Garden Program

    E8 - Lawyers, (Squirt) Guns, & Money: The Impertinent Program

    F6 - Making the Case for Garden-Based Field Trips

    G6 - Education through Aquaponic Learning

    G7 - Using Project-Based Learning to Teach Plant Growth and Development


    Garden Design & Maintenance

    A5 - Sensory Gardens that Maximize Play

    C4 - Learning Gardens: Making Outdoor Education Irresistible, Relevant and Resilient

    D2 - Your Garden Toolkit: The Right Tools for a Children’s Garden

    D3 - Lessons for Today’s Children’s Garden Educators from Research

    E6 - Hands-On Outdoor Learning: Children’s Experiences at Gardens, Zoos, and Museums

    F4 - The Butterflies are Coming!

    F5 - Garden Connections/Permaculture 101

    G4 - Creating Sustainable Schoolyards in the Philadelphia School System

    G5 - Maintaining the Miracle


    Basic Horticultural Science

    A3 - Discover Fun and Interesting Fruits and Veggies for the Garden

    C8 - Teachable Landscapes: Using Gardens for Informal Science Learning


    Horticultural Therapy

    D7 - Operating a Greenhouse with Special Needs Students

    E5 - Horticultural Therapy and Junior Master Gardeners

    G3 - Horticultural Therapy: Gardening with Pediatric Patients in a Hospital Environment



    B3 - Constructing a Table Top Literary Garden

    C5 - Growing a Garden of Books!

    C7 - Not Your Grandmother's Librarian-21st Century Resources for Gardening

    F2 - Where Wonder Takes You


    Program Overview

    A1 - Enchanting Informal Programming

    A2 - Cultivating a Successful School Garden Network: Notes from Washington, D.C.

    B7 - Gardening with Children

    C6 - Integrating Garden Produce into the School and Community

    D1 - Get Comfortable with Butterflies and Other Pollinators

    D4 - Garden-Based Programs: Planting the Seeds for Youth Empowerment

    E3 - The Role of School Gardens within the Social Ecological Model

    E4 - The Smelly Garden: From Zero to Engaging in One Year

    F3 - Ecological Literacy in the Outdoor Learnscape

    F8 - Nature Play in the Garden



    E2 - Creating Proactive Policies for School Gardens

    G1 - Creating a Safe Space for your Children's Garden



    A6 - Promoting Safe Food Gardening and Handling Practices in Youth Gardens

    A7 - Panel on Access to Gardens, Food, and Related Programs

    D8 - SMARTE Garden

    E7 - An Informal Discussion in Nutrition Education: Approaches and Challenges

    F1 - Preparing Students to be Teachers and Leaders in the Garden

    F7 - Connecting Generations in School Gardens

    G2 - Youth Gardens and Sharing with Neighbors in Need

    G8 - Beneficial Partnerships