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    Please consider presenting a lecture or workshop session for your garden educator peers at NCYGS 2018. This page contains instructions for writing and submitting a proposal and requested session topics.

    2018 Sessions

    NCYGS Session Information

    Educational sessions at NCYGS cover a variety of topics relevant to garden education (curriculum, garden design and maintenance, literature or art in the garden, growing practices, administration and funding, and several more) and span the entire pre-K-12 range.

    While not intended to be limiting, sessions covering the following topics were specifically requested by NCYGS 2017 attendees.  Please consider presenting a session if you have experience in:

    • interpretation techniques
    • youth employment programs
    • outdoor classroom management
    • school garden evaluation
    • teaching about native plants and ecosystems
    • alternative growing methods
    • chickens/bees in the school garden
    • aligning garden curriculum to standards
    • recruiting, training, retaining volunteers
    • designing a garden from scratch
    • green schoolyard policy and funding
    • applying for an AmeriCorps member

    Instructions for submitting session proposals:

    1. Session proposals must be submitted online. 
    2. Session proposals are due by close of business on December 8, 2017.
    3. To submit more than one session for consideration, please fill out a separate form for each additional session.
    4. Only complete session proposal submissions will be considered.

    NCYGS has a diverse audience, with classroom teachers, "informal" educators from a variety of organizations, botanical gardens staff, landscape architects, community organizers, and more who work with a wide range of age groups (pre-K through 12th grade).  Keeping attendees' needs and interests in mind, we are looking for the following in reviewing proposals:

    a. Practical value to practitioner - Sessions should focus on information that attendees can take home and apply to their own work.
    b. Originality - Most attendees currently work in the field and welcome fresh ideas to invigorate their work.  We strive to provide a balanced and diverse program, in terms of topic areas and primary audience.
    c. Quality - Proposals should clearly describe the session, with complete and accurate information. 
    d. Significance to children & youth gardening - All sessions must relate to children & youth gardening. 

    There are two presentation formats:
    1) Lectures are 60 minutes long and provide an opportunity for sharing/discussion of a certain idea(s) or topic.  Hands-on elements are welcome but not required in a lecture presentation.
    2) Workshops are 90 minutes long and should actively engage participants with hands-on activities and/or significant participant interaction.

    See our tips for writing a successful session proposal and NCYGS 2017 session descriptions for more information.

    Selection process

    Notifications regarding the status of each proposal will be sent out by January 31, 2018.

    Sessions will be selected based on what is presented in the proposals.  We may accept a session proposal pending alterations to the scope, format, or educational objectives.

    Financial considerations

    Session presenters will receive a discounted rate when registration opens in 2018. AHS is unable to provide compensation for travel, shipping, or material costs.

    Please email education@ahsgardening.org for more information.