Green Garage®


The Green Garage® is a sustainable gardening educational display.

The Green Garage® at River Farm


American gardeners have many opportunities to make environmentally conscious decisions. The Green Garage is an educational display at River Farm to showcase the tools, equipment, materials, and techniques that support sustainable gardening. The goal of the Green Garage is to help people make well-informed, responsible decisions about how they garden.

From its green roof to the plant selections, the Green Garage demonstrates the following concepts:

  • Be a green consumer
  • Use water efficiently
  • Select the right tool for every job
  • Recycle and minimize yard and kitchen waste
  • Practice Integrated Pest Management [IPM]
  • Take good care of your soil
  • Design an earth-friendly garden with size-appropriate plants
  • Protect yourself and the environment
  • Be an informed gardener and keep records
  • Be part of a green community