American Horticultural Society logo

The American Horticultural Society is embarking on an exciting journey with a brand refresh! With a new team full of innovative ideas to carry forward our hallmark programs and 100-year legacy of horticultural excellence, we are thrilled to share a new iteration of the AHS. 

Our 25-year-old logo has been replaced with a new, carefully chosen logo that exemplifies the excitement, energy and momentum of gardening and horticulture today. Like every discipline in science, horticulture evolves. Horticulturists move forward and make progress. So too, does the 100-year-old American Horticultural Society!Our contemporary, dynamic, and vibrant new logo radiates joy, enthusiasm, and vitality – just like our organization. In the months ahead, expect to see novel programs, travel adventures, collaborations, user-friendly technologies, a new website, and so much more.

We recognize that our world, culture, and industry are all changing. To tackle today’s challenges, we’re committed to being attentive listeners, effective collaborators, and responsible environmental stewards for the greater good. We’ve refreshed our mission statement, vision, values, and DEI statement to emphasize our dedication to inspiring, connecting, and uplifting the gardening community. Our commitment to preserve River Farm as the headquarters of the AHS and cornerstone of the community is unwavering.


To inspire a culture of gardening and horticultural practices that creates and sustains healthy, beautiful communities and a livable planet.


Where all Americans garden to ensure a thriving and beautiful world for current and future generations.


Respect: We treat one another with courtesy and respect to build the trust of our members, supporters, neighbors, employees, partners and colleagues.

Integrity: We act with the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, transparency, and intellectual integrity in all our actions and information.

Best Practice: We embrace proven traditional practices and promote innovation in horticulture and gardening to improve lives and address the needs and challenges of a healthy and livable planet.

Lifelong Learning: We provide educational opportunities to meet our members on their gardening journey and to further their personal growth. We celebrate outstanding achievements that inspire continual learning.

Environmental Stewardship: We support, share, and encourage horticultural practices that promote the Earth’s ability to sustain itself and all its inhabitants.


We maintain a deep commitment to preserving River Farm as the headquarters of AHS and enhancing the beauty of the historic property, open to the public in perpetuity. We strive to create a space at River Farm where people can connect with nature and where we live the AHS mission every day.


We embrace and celebrate the diversity of the beauty, food, culture and sustainable practices of the gardens of all Americans. We strive to make our organization and the field of horticulture welcoming to all.


Beauty. Health. Community. Environmental Stewardship.