AHS announces "50 State Flower Project"

Read about AHS's exciting new project to modernize "state flowers" with beauty and inspiration.

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Welcome All Aspiring, Novice, & Expert Gardeners!

Now celebrating its centennial year, The American Horticultural Society (AHS) is the nation’s most respected and longstanding gardening organization.

Since 1922, we have been a trusted source of high-quality gardening and horticultural information.

Today, our mission blends education, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship with the art and practice of horticulture. Our vision is a land of sustainable gardens, cultivated by a diverse population with a common passion for plants.

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Upcoming AHS Events

  • Art Show at River Farm Features Paintings by Artist Kathleen Callery

    Art Show at River Farm features paintings by Kathleen Callery

  • National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

    We’re looking forward to an in-person conference where we can learn from each other in face-to-face interactive and hands-on ways, visit and tour gardens and greenspaces, and network in both the facilitated and unfacilitated ways that conferences provide. Mark your calendar for July 13-15, 2022 to join us for the 30th annual National Children & Youth Garden Symposium in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Travel Study: Glaciers, Geysers, and Gardens of Iceland

    Enchantments await in the land of fire and ice! Join us for an unforgettable trip to Iceland, stomping ground of 9th century Vikings and setting to countless Norse legends and sagas.

  • The Gardens of the Netherlands and Floriade Expo

    From French-influenced formal to the Dutch Wave, we will explore a range of garden styles, complemented by a timeless landscape which echoes the paintings of the Old Masters.

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