Photographer’s  Guidelines


We’re as interested in who’s behind the lens as we are in the resulting work.

If you know your plants and can skillfully show them to their best advantage, we want to hear from you!


Take Your Best Shot:


Our readers are experienced gardeners who want to learn about native plants, lesser-known plants, and environmentally responsible ways to garden. Our photo needs are very plant specific; many of our articles profile a variety of species in a plant genus, including many not commonly found in retail garden outlets. We look for photos that document what plants look like and where and how they grow in American garden settings. We very rarely use “artistic” plant photos or generic shots of flowers and gardens.

Most of the images we use are solicited from a core group of photographers with photo libraries in excess of 50,000 plant images. Photographers who would like to be considered for addition to our photo call list should submit digital samples of their work and a list indicating the types and number of plants in their collection. It is very important to include some kind of plant list for your stock so we can determine if your collection includes a sufficient number of the types of plants we cover. If, for instance, your list contains mostly tulips, pansies, roses, and other popular plants like these, your stock most likely will not be a good match for our articles. Also, if your list does not include the botanical names for all plants, we will not be able to use the photos.

Submitting Image Files:


We accept high-resolution files in either JPEG or TIFF format. For maximum versatility, each image file should be at least 25 MB.

All images MUST be identified either with an i.d. sheet or have detailed information (botanical names, including genus, species, and botanical variety or cultivar, where applicable; location of photograph, etc.) entered as metadata within each file. It is extremely helpful if the images are also identified in their file names.

Post sample photos on an online gallery for us to review. Please do not e-mail files to us.

Payment and Credits:


Payment is made upon publication and is for one-time use in our print magazine and its electronic equivalent on the member’s-only area of the American Horticultural Society’s website ( All photographers receive a formal agreement annually stating payment terms and rights purchased.

Each photograph will be accompanied by a credit line. If the work of only one photographer is used throughout an article, one general credit may accompany the article’s byline.

Photographers do not need to send an invoice when their work is published. The editor will bill the American Horticultural Society on behalf of the photographers after publication of each issue. Photographers whose work is used will receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

Fees paid for photographs published in The American Gardener are based on the following sizes:


  • Less than a quarter page———————————————$80
  • Quarter page to less than a half page—————————$90
  • Half page to less than full page————————————$105
  • Full page or larger——————————————————-$130
  • Cover————————————————————————-$350
  • Duplicate use of image (usually on contents page)———$25