June 19-25, 2023

Supporting Birds, Insects & Other Pollinators

Wilderness is disappearing at an alarming rate. Supporting a natural ecosystem is something that home gardeners can do to combat loss of plant and animal species.

We’ve compiled a variety of how-to articles about attracting pollinators, distinguishing beneficial insects from garden pests, and creating wildlife habitats for you from past issues of our bimonthly member magazine, The American Gardener.

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Bird-Friendly Winter Gardens

For birds that take winter residence in your garden, the right mix of plants creates a habitat that can help ensure their survival.

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Planting for Pollinators

Make your garden welcome to a diversity of pollinators— and help create a healthier, more bountiful community for all.

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Getting to Know Your Insect Friends and Foes

If you take a moment to quietly observe the insects in your garden, you will be treated to a colorful and ever-changing drama!

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Native Shrubs for Pollinators

Provide a pollinator smorgasbord through the seasons with these adaptable, deciduous plants.

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