May/June 2024

Read about hardy geraniums for regional gardens, how Mary Hockenberry Meyer popularized ornamental grasses, ancient cycads for today's gardens, flowering lawns to support pollinators, the basics of matching perennials, and more.

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March/April 2024

Read about native bulbous plants for spring color, selecting plants that will grow with your garden, how one family's garden became a deeper connection to cultural identity, matching vines to appropriate structures, lemony-scented and flavored herbs, and more.

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January/February 2024

Read about new plants for 2024, social media influencers inspiring a generation of diverse plant lovers, strategies for dealing with drought, alternatives for peat moss, stellar camellias for home gardens, and more.

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September/October 2023

Read about native groundcovers that benefit wildlife, an edible garden in Los Angeles that teaches how to grow food and build a community, shade-loving toad lilies, using data from plant trials to make better choices, and more.

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Photographers Guidelines

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a few hundred about what we look for in our photos.

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