Materials & Tools

Gas-powered mowers and power tools can cause noise and air pollution. Hardscaping materials like certain mulch and lumber can also be toxic and harmful to soil and plants and others, like concrete pavers are impermeable and contribute to water waste.

We’ve compiled a variety of how-to articles about recycling and repurposing in the garden and sustainable hardscape materials for you from past issues of our member magazine, The American Gardener.

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Sustainable Hardscaping

To be truly earth-friendly, it makes sense to think sustainably beyond plant selections — about the other parts of a garden, such as pathways, fences, and outdoor furniture.

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Terra-cotta Repurposed

Learn how to turn ordinary terra-cotta pots and a section of terra-cotta pipe into a “mother” pot with multiple planting spaces—perfect for growing a variety of plants on a patio, balcony, or anywhere room is limited.

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Hack a Small Patio

You can easily create a beautiful garden space for relaxing and entertaining without breaking your budget by using reclaimed material and a bit of creativity.

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Sustainability on a Community Level

Home gardeners can find inspiration from community models of sustainability and reflect on their
own roles and responsibilities in helping future generations connect with plants and become stewards of the environment.

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