AHS Environmental Awards


The following flower show exhibits across the country received the 2024 AHS Environmental Awards. The awards recognize exhibits of horticultural excellence that best demonstrate the bond between horticulture and the environment, and inspire viewers to beautify home and community through skillful design and appropriate plant material.

The 2024 AHS Environmental Award Winners:

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival (February 14-18) 

Winner: Captured Nature by GMC Landscapes LLC

The winning exhibit featured a watercourse and a skillful mix of native and ornamental plant material. Spaces between stones and plants appeared as they would in nature, and minimal use of forced color showed a good balance of showmanship and practical horticulture.


Connecticut Flower and Garden Show (February 20-23)

Winner: Landscape #2 by Aqua Scapes of CT, LLC

Owner Robert Townsend was awarded for his naturalistic habitat highlighting aquatic plants in a water feature, surrounded by a diversity of outstanding specimen plants.


Maryland Home and Garden Show (March 1-10)

Winner: Urban Designs, Inc.

Winner Urban Designs created a 1,000 sq.ft.+ outdoor oasis incorporating native plants, dry riverbed, natural bluestone walk, boulders as accents, and natural wood benches made from fallen timber.


The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show (March 2-10)

Winner: A Beautiful Disturbance by Kelly D. Norris, LLC

This creative landscape demonstrated potential to “renature” a neglected urban site. It was an inspiration to bring nature back into the human habitat. The Environmental Award for the Philadelphia Flower Show was judged by AHS board chair Scott Plein and AHS board member Holly Shimizu.