A Dedicated Team

AHS BOARD OF DIRECTORS, (L-R, Marcia Zech, Tim Conlon, Laura Dowling, Skipp Calvert and Holly Shimizu)

The American Horticultural Society’s Board of Directors and staff work closely together to operate our national non-profit and to provide for the stewardship of our River Farm headquarters.

Our Board brings to the table a broad range of talents and expertise that help guide our organization’s mission, while our staff carries out the day-to-day tasks required to achieve our goals.

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Board of Directors

Skipp Calvert
Alexandria, Virginia

Tim Conlon
Dubuque, Iowa

Jane Diamantis
McDonald, Tennessee

Laura Dowling
Alexandria, Virginia

Amy Golden
Falls Church, Virginia

Scott Plein, Board Chair
Falls Church, Virginia

Holly Shimizu
Glen Echo, Maryland

Marcia Zech
Mercer Island, Washington

Suzanne Laporte, President and CEO


Courtney Allen
Director of National Programs

Joan Barclay
Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Leslie Bauman
Events Manager

Mercedes Bryant
Director of Travel Studies 

Tammy Burke

David Ellis
Editor of The American Gardener

Leslie Fetty
Senior Membership Associate

Susan Friedman
Marketing & Communications

Jack Greenfield
River Farm Grounds Manager

Suzanne Laporte
President and CEO

Philip Saville
Development Coordinator

Claire A. Splan
Associate Editor

Peter Tajat
Managing Director, Property Operations

Katie Tukey
Director of Development and Engagement 

Tess Wilhelm
Assistant Marketing Manager

Mary Yee
Managing Editor & Art Director of The American Gardener