Water Efficiency

water efficiency
Drinking water is a precious resource that, in many parts of the country, is in short supply.

We’ve compiled a variety of how-to articles about rainscaping, drip irrigation, and designing water-thrifty gardens for you from past issues of our bimonthly member magazine, The American Gardener.

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Designing Water-Thrifty Gardens

Using strategies learned from the Southwest, gardeners anywhere can plan and create a beautiful landscape that requires minimal watering.

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The Merits of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation conserves water, reduces weeding, and is easier to install than most gardeners realize.

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Solutions for Soggy Sites

Rather than struggling to “fix” seasonally wet garden sites, try these plant and design tips instead.

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By employing a variety of techniques to keep rainwater on their properties, gardeners can play an important role in protecting the health of local watersheds.

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