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Gardening for Wellness While Homebound

The past few weeks have been challenging for many of us as we’ve been forced to change our daily routines and remain largely homebound. Despite the uprooting of our lives, plants continue to flourish around us, showing off their springtime blossoms and reminding us that planting season has arrived — or is coming soon — in many parts of the country.

Tending to plants and creating gardens or pollinator patches are some of the most healing and healthy ways to get through our homebound days. Here are some things you can do:

    • Learn from experts by watching free Good Gardening Videos, which have been curated for accuracy and quality
    • Get questions answered about plants and gardening specific to your geographic area by contacting the Master Gardeners program in your state. Note that there may be a delayed response, depending on their current work situation.
    • Learn about some of the best plants for supporting our critical pollinator population by reading related articles from AHS’s The American Gardener. 
    • Consider ordering seeds for butterfly and/or hummingbird gardens via Renee’s Seeds, which donates part of its sales back to the nonprofit American Horticultural Society. 
    • Clear invasive plants from your yard and learn what native plants are best for your area by contacting your state’s native plant society.
    • Are you an AHS member? Make sure to take advantage of your member benefits by exploring our seed discounts and book discounts. Not a member? Read about the benefits of joining today.