Happy Thanksgiving from your AHS Family!

Keith P. Tomlinson, AHS Director

Fall is descending across the United States and gardeners nationwide are preparing for cooler temperatures. Whether you’re gardening in Los Angeles, Boise, Miami, St. Louis, or Atlanta, change is in the air. As gardeners, we are knowing stewards of the landscape, paying close attention to our plants, soil, weather, and water. Here at River Farm near the nation’s capital, it’s a particularly lovely fall season, due perhaps to a very wet year. Over the past few weeks, we have been indulging in a late fall stretch of unusually warm days. Many visitors are enjoying the grounds and gardens. Kids are playing, artists painting, volunteers are weeding as our resident bald eagles survey the rolling landscape. Each season brings a sense of renewal and change. This is a special season for River Farm and AHS as we move forward with plans to stay on this remarkable property to garden, educate and conserve an extraordinary riverfront setting in perpetuity. This Thanksgiving, indeed throughout the year, we are very grateful for your membership and continued support. In our 99th year, we are growing stronger, celebrating change, and the arrival of fall. – Keith