When starting or maintaining a garden, composting is an important way to provide beneficial organic matter to the soil and optimize plant growth.

While you can purchase compost at a garden center or nursery, there are some key advantages to starting a compost pile in your own yard. Besides saving money, home composting enables you to sustainably dispose of certain food and yard waste that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. 

Following are some articles from our member magazine, The American Gardener, which provide information on how to get started, underground composting techniques, and composting with worms.

Compost’s Dual Benefits: Recycle Yard Waste, Improve Soil

Learn about the active or hot composting process to hasten decay of waste.

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The Basics of Vermicomposting

Put earthworms to work transforming kitchen scraps into black gold.

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Composting Down Under

Compost under the earth to solve some common gardening problems.

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