The American Gardener

January/February 2018

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Features in this Issue


New Plants for 2018 by Charlotte Germane

Here’s a look at some of the promising new plants recommended by garden experts across the country. See all of these on our New Plants for 2018 Pinterest board.

Easy-going Plectranthus by Caleb Melchior

Cherished for their bold-textured foliage, these adaptable tender perennials put on a show indoors and out.

Dioecious Shrubs for Wildlife by Karen Bussolini

Learn how to get the best wildlife value from native shrubs that have male and female flowers on separate plants.

Ephemeral Erythroniums by Jane McGary

With their speckled leaves and brightly colored flowers, these delightful spring ephemerals add zest to woodland gardens and other partly shaded sites.

Give Seeds a Chance by Nancy J. Ondra

Growing your own plants from seeds is a satisfying way to start a new gardening year—and you don’t need much room or special supplies to do it.

Highlights from our Departments


Notes from River Farm

Beth Tuttle, an experienced manager of nonprofits, is the new President & CEO of the AHS. She is not only a dynamic executive but also a longtime Master Gardener. Find out what plans she has in store for the AHS over the next few years and how you can provide feedback.

Homegrown Harvest: Mouthwatering Strawberries

Tips on which types and varieties to choose, and how to grow them.

Garden Solutions: Avoiding problems with grafted plants

Grafting is a great horticultural tool that can lead to problems for some gardeners.

Traveler’s Guide to Gardens: Lyon Arboretum in Hawaii

Part of a series of profiles of the  300+ gardens where AHS members have special admission privileges and discounts.

A tropical getaway on the otherwise busy island of Oahu.

Green Garage: Multi-tasking Hand Tools

Comfortable hand tools that perform a variety of tasks.

Gardener’s Notebook

Glow-in-the-dark plants, climate change affecting Mount Rainier’s wildflowers, the legacy of California plantswoman Ruth Bancroft, new award for sustainable roses, gardens and green spaces linked to better health, and major expansion for Meijer Gardens.

Book Reviews: Recommendations for your Gardening Library

Reviews of The Trees of North America and The Book of Orchids.

Special Focus Books: Spotlight on Succulents
Plant in the Spotlight: Braun’s spikemoss (Selaginella braunii)
News from the American Horticultural Society

National Children & Youth Garden Symposium will be at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York this summer; Seed Exchange for AHS members is open; time to enter the America in Bloom 2018 competition; Spring Garden Market will be April 13 & 14 at River Farm; Colonial Williamsburg Gardening Symposium will be April 14-16 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Regional Happenings

Find events at gardens all over the country, many of which are the 300+ gardens where AHS members have special admission privileges and discounts.