The American Gardener

January/February 2019

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Features in this Issue

Emerging Gardening Trends by Rita Pelczar

Here’s a look at what is happening in today’s gardening world—and the new plants for 2019 that are keeping pace.

Houseplant Renaissance by Mackenzie Nichols

The current houseplant craze is inspiring new generations to connect to nature while spurring innovation in the green industry.

Wonderful Walkways by Pam Baggett

Artfully designed flower beds can complement even the most pedestrian of sidewalks or walkways to provide a dramatic entrance to any garden.

Weed Seeds: The Test of Time by Cara Giaimo

The world’s longest-running experiment is buried in a secret spot in a Michigan public garden.

Which Flowers Attract Butterflies? by Jane Hurwitz

Providing a diverse array of flower shapes and colors in your garden will bring on the butterflies.

Highlights from our Departments

RAP Gardens in Focus: Mendocino Botanical Garden

Explore sites that participate in the AHS Reciprocal Admissions Program, which provides AHS members with special admission privileges and discounts.

Garden Solutions

Getting to Know Insect Friends and Foes.

Homegrown Harvest