The American Gardener

January/February 2021

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Features in this Issue

New Plants and Garden Trends for 2021 by Heather Prince

We’ve rounded up some ideas and plant picks to inspire you to look forward to a fresh start in the new gardening year.

Success with Bare-Root Plants by Kris Wetherbee

If you buy a lot of plants for your garden, purchasing bare-root stock is a cost-effective option.

In Defense of Botanical Names by Marianne Willburn

The use of formal botanical names for plants is sometimes viewed as elitist, but there are legitimate arguments for identifying plants by their scientific names.

Captivating Bougainvilleas by Amelia Grant

The glorious flowers of this genus delight gardeners whether they are growing them as vines, shrubs, or houseplants.

Building a Free-Standing No-Dig Garden by Charlie Nardozzi

No-dig gardening techniques are used around the world to grow healthier and more productive gardens with less work.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

Announcements about programs, events, and other news from the American Horticultural Society.

Insect Insights

A new series about the world of insects in our gardens.
Conservationist Danae Wolfe introduces us to how she fell in love with insects—and why we should, too.

Gardener’s Notebook

Read about the latest developments in plant research, horticultural industry trends, and more.