The American Gardener

July/August 2018

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Features in this Issue

Go Native with Groundcovers by Rita Pelczar

Looking to cover some ground? Instead of invasive exotics, consider some of these remarkable natives. Web special: More native groundcovers.

American Floral Story by Mackenzie Nichols

Meet Debra Prinzing, founder of the Slow Flowers movement that promotes a sustainable, farm-to-vase approach to fresh flowers.

Designing Water-Thrifty Gardens by Scott Calhoun

Using strategies learned from the Southwest, gardeners anywhere can create a beautiful landscape that requires minimal watering. Web special: Plants for Rain Gardens.

Glorious Goldenrods by C. Colston Burrell

Colorful mainstays of the garden from midsummer into fall, goldenrods also set the table for a diverse array of pollinators and other wildlife.

Highlights from our Departments

Traveler’s Guide to Gardens: Cornell Botanic Gardens

Part of a series of profiles of the  300+ gardens where AHS members have special admission privileges and discounts.

Garden Solutions

Tips for dealing with Emerald Ash Borers.

Homegrown Harvest: Swiss chard

This versatile vegetable is both tasty and beautiful.

Green Garage: Edging Tools

Contributing Editor, Rita Pelczar, shares her favorite tools for making crisp edges in her garden.