The American Gardener

March/April 2020

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Features in this Issue

2020 Great American Gardeners Awards and Book Awards

Meet the recipients of this year’s American Horticultural Society awards.

Fleeting Splendor by C. Colston Burrell

Ephemeral plants provide dazzling displays for only a short time, but they are worth including in every garden if you know how to use them effectively.

Rethinking Boxwoods by Patricia A. Taylor

As blight threatens boxwoods across the country, new blight-tolerant cultivars and attractive substitutes offer alternatives to the popular landscaping staple.

Screen Stars by Janet Davis

Use plants that have open, see-through flowers and stems as scrims and screens to bring drama to the garden.

The Joys of Foraging by Ellen Zachos

If you’ve ever had the yen to harvest edibles beyond the confines of your vegetable garden, here are some tips for getting started. Web special: Spruce-Tip Ice Cream Recipe


Highlights from our Departments

RAP Gardens in Focus: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Part of a series of profiles of the  330+ gardens where AHS members have special admission privileges and discounts.

Thanks to dedicated reclamation efforts, this former abandoned coalmine has come back to life in a celebration of the landscape and history of the Allegheny Plateau.

Homegrown Harvest: Broccolini

This trendy vegetable is both delicious and easy to grow.