The American Gardener

March/April 2021

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Features in this Issue

Convallaria and Their Kin by C. Colston Burrell

If you like lily of the valley, it’s worth exploring other members of this genus of shade-loving plants.

Gardening Successfully in Summer-Dry Climates by Nora Harlow and Saxon Holt

Climate-driven plant choices are key to successful gardening in North America’s ecologically diverse summer-dry West Coast. But first, you have to understand the nuances of what summer-dry means.

The World of Plant Patenting by Patricia A. Taylor

Have you ever wondered about  how—or why—people patent plants? Here are some real-world examples that show how the process works.

Discovering Hardy Begonias by John Boggan

Begonia grandis is a jumping-off point for exploring a surprising number of other attractive hardy begonia species and cultivars.

In Defense of Inclusive Biodiversity by Marianne Willburn

One gardener argues that when promoting biodiversity in cultivated landscapes, native plants are only part of the solution—and ponders the effects of human efforts in garden evolution.

Highlights from our Departments

Great American Gardener Awards and Book Awards

Meet the recipients of the 2021 AHS Great American Gardener awards and find out which titles received the 2021 Book Awards.

RAP Gardens in Focus

Explore the oldest public Japanese-style garden in the United States—the San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Insect Insights

A new series about the world of insects in our gardens.
Conservationist Danae Wolfe introduces us to the basics of insect taxonomy.

Gardener’s Notebook

Read about the latest developments in plant research, horticultural industry trends, and more.