The American Gardener

May/June 2021

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Features in this Issue

The Bulbs of Summer by David J. Ellis

Add an exotic touch to your garden with an alphabet’s worth of summer-blooming bulbous plants.

Naturalistic Design by Kelly D. Norris

Think layering when you’re planning a beautiful, ecologically complex garden.

Container Compositions by Heather Prince

Instead of placing a single pot on the deck or lining several in a row, consider thoughtfully combining and arranging your containers to create pleasing focal points in your garden.

English Border, Texas Style by Mary and Gary Irish

Natives from the Texas–Mexico region star in this English-style border near San Antonio.

In Defense of Plants without Press by Marianne Willburn

One gardener looks at why an act of goodwill between gardeners—sharing treasured regional plants with friends—may actually be an act of resistance against the plant choices being dictated by marketing teams.

Highlights from our Departments

RAP Gardens in Focus

Sustainability is part of the culture at Green Bay Botanical Garden, which hosts the popular exhibit “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea” this summer.

Insect Insights

A new series about the world of insects in our gardens.
Conservationist Danae Wolfe discusses ways to help save fireflies.

Gardener’s Notebook

Read about the latest developments in plant research, horticultural industry trends, and more.