The American Gardener

November/December 2018

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Features in this Issue

Forcing Hardy Bulbs for Winter Bloom by Rita Pelczar

Plan now to get an early taste of spring.

Plants and Nitrogen by Lee Reich

Among the major nutrients plants require, nitrogen is the most evanescent and so most likely to need annual replenishment. Here’s what you should know to best meet your garden’s needs.

Bird-Friendly Winter Gardens by Kris Wetherbee

For birds that take winter residence in your garden, the right mix of plants creates a habitat that can help ensure their survival.

Fasciation Fascination by Kenneth Setzer

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to plant deformities like fasciation.

Highlights from our Departments

RAP Gardens in Focus: Crosby Arboretum

Explore sites that participate in the AHS Reciprocal Admissions Program, which provides AHS members with special admission privileges and discounts.

Garden Solutions

Safe storage and disposal of pesticides.

Homegrown Harvest

Aromatic thyme.

Gifts for the Gardener

Gift ideas for the gardener on your holiday shopping list.

Green Garage: Potpourri of tools and products.

Contributing Editor, Rita Pelczar, shares her favorite tools for bringing in the harvest.