The American Gardener

November/December 2019

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Features in this Issue

Potted Edibles by Charlie Nardozzi

No space for a vegetable patch? Grow garden-fresh produce in containers on your porch, desk, patio, or balcony.

A “Look-Into” Garden by Carole Ottesen

Here are tips for making your garden look spectacular from the inside out.

Success with Citrus by Caleb Melchior

If you’ve ever been tempted to grow a citrus tree, here are recommended selections for borderline-hardy regions.

Propagating with Hardwood Cuttings by Denny Schrock

Follow these simple instructions to root many kinds of shrubs and trees using hardwood cuttings.

What’s in a Name? by Nancy J. Ondra

Botanical names sometimes sound mysterious and cumbersome, but they can offer important hints for where plants grow best.

Highlights from our Departments

RAP Gardens in Focus: Huntsville Botanical Garden

Part of a series of profiles of the  330+ gardens where AHS members have special admission privileges and discounts.

Find out what makes this northern Alabama garden an invaluable part of the local community and a delight for tourists.

Homegrown Harvest: Delicious Haskap Berries

If you live in a cool climate, you’ll want to try growing these super-nutritious, blueberrylike fruits.