The American Gardener

November/December 2021

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Features in this Issue

Gardening for Birds by Jo Ann Abell

Gardens designed to attract birds are not only more interesting, they are more ecologically sound.

A Taste of the Tropics

Add exotic flair to your kitchen and garden with these delicious and attractive tropical herbs.

Outstanding Conifers by Rita Pelczar

This group of trees and shrubs is beautiful year round, but shines brightest in winter.

Divide to Multiply by Denny Schrock

Add to the beauty of your landscape by dividing your own plants to create an impact with masses of identical offspring.

In Defense of the Freedom to Garden by Marianne Willburn

In many residential areas governed by community associations, cookie-cutter landscapes are the norm, which limits the role of gardening’s role as a source of individual and cultural expression.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

Keith P. Tomlinson is the new director of the AHS, the AHS to partner with New Directions in the American Landscape in webinar series, how you can help the AHS while shopping online this holiday season, and more.

Insect Insights

A new series about the world of insects in our gardens.
Conservationist Danae Wolfe discusses the importance of  moths in the ecosystem.

Gifts for Gardeners

Nifty ideas for what to give the gardeners on your holiday list.