The American Gardener

November/December 2022

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Features in this Issue

Good Garden Primroses by Dean Wiegert

Every gardener deserves at least one of these splendid, hardy, early-blooming perennials in their landscape.

Maintaining an Edge by Rita Pelczar

Edgings physically separate and define spaces in the landscape. Beyond function, they can contribute significant style to a garden.

Winter-Blooming Shrubs by Andrew Bunting

For gardeners who can’t wait for spring, winter-blooming shrubs offer a beacon of hope.

Propagating with Soft Stem Cuttings by Dee Nash

Want to have more of your favorite plants without breaking your budget? Expand your collection with this easy technique.

In Defense of (Later) Horticultural Careers by Marianne Willburn

In the quest to attract young people to horticulture, let’s not forget a more-seasoned population that may enter the industry from less traditional paths.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

Highlights from the American Horticultural Society’s 100th Anniversary Gala in September.

Gifts for Gardeners

Garden-themed ideas for holiday gift-giving.

Insect Insights

Monarch butterflies get all the press when it comes to insect conservation, but we need to look at the big picture.