The American Gardener

September/October 2022

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Features in this Issue

Perennials with Fabulous Fall Foliage by Nancy J. Ondra

Many herbaceous perennials and grasses give deciduous trees a run for their money when it comes to colorful fall foliage.

A Fresh Look at Mulch by Charlie Nardozzi

Of all types of material available for mulch, new research suggests that wood offers the most benefits, but it’s important to choose the right kind and apply it correctly.

North American Annuals by Rand B. Lee

If you’re tired of the same old annuals, it’s time to try some of these intriguing native species.

Outwitting Weed Laws by Nancy Lawson

Creators of wildlife-friendly gardens often face challenges from HOA restrictions or weed ordinances. But some gardeners are successfully opposing these restrictions.

In Defense of Patience by Marianne Willburn

While instant gratification is intoxicating, it’s even more gratifying to stop and smell the roses when you’ve watched them root from precious cuttings.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

Here’s the latest on AHS programs, events, and other announcements.

AHS News Special

Highlights from the 30th National Children & Youth Garden Symposium this summer in Richmond, Virginia.

RAP Gardens in Focus

A look at gardens that participate in the AHS Reciprocal Admissions Program.
In one of the toughest growing environments in the Lower 48, Cheyenne Botanic Gardens blooms with color and inspiration.

Insect Insights

The spotted lanternfly is on the move in North America, posing a threat to many horticultural industries.