Take a peek at some past articles from our members-only magazine, The American Gardener, and learn how to grow a butterfly garden or other pollinator habitat.

We’ll show you how to choose and grow plants that attract butterflies and bees, to increase the pollination in your own neighborhood, and support pollinators as they travel.

Don’t forget to help build on the National Pollinator Garden Network’s Million Pollinator Garden Movement.


Make a Difference for Pollinators 

Which Flowers Attract Butterflies

Here are tips to help in selecting plants that will invite these beautiful creatures to your landscape.

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Support Pollinators with Native Shrubs

Provide a pollinator smorgasbord through the seasons with these adaptable, deciduous plants.

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Glorious Goldenrods

Goldenrods set the table for a diverse array of pollinators and other wildlife.

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Dioecious Native Shrubs for Wildlife

Learn how to get the best wildlife value from native shrubs that have male and female flowers on separate plants.

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