Sustainable Gardens in a Changing Climate: Adapting Practices for Resilience
with Angelica Patterson, PhD, curator of education and outreach at Miller Worley Center for the Environment, Mount Holyoke College
Thursday, August 8, from 1:00-2:30pm ET
$23 AHS members/$30 non-members


This virtual workshop focuses on the intersection of climate change and gardening. For the first half of the program, the speaker will explore how shifting climate patterns affect plant growth and what steps can be taken to manage gardens and cultivated land sustainably. The second half of the program will center on discussion, providing a platform for participants to share their experiences and concerns, as well as to share practical strategies for mitigating climate-related risks and promoting eco-restoration in gardening practices. Leave with actionable insights to cultivate resilient, thriving gardens in the face of environmental change.

Angelica Patterson is an environmental educator, plant ecophysiologist, and science communicator, who is known as “The Shotgun Scientist” for her work in studying how trees respond to climate change. More specifically, she has examined how temperature affects the physiology (photosynthesis and respiration) of trees in Northeastern US forests to understand which species may tolerate a warming climate and how that may impact the carbon dynamics that cycle through temperate forests. Patterson received her bachelor’s in natural resources from Cornell University and her master’s, master of philosophy, and doctorate degrees from Columbia University in plant ecophysiology. Patterson is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the environmental sciences and has served as a speaker at several US universities, environmental organizations, and K-12 institutions. Her research and science communication efforts have been profiled in publications such as The Guardian, The Forestry Source, Cell Press, and the National Environmental Education Foundation. For more information about her and her work, visit her on twitter @ColorfulSciGirl or at