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An Extraordinary Travel Opportunity With AHS

Welcome to an extraordinary exploration of the verdant landscapes and culinary delights of Portland and the Willamette Valley, courtesy of the American Horticultural Society. Led by esteemed hosts Holly and Osamu Shimizu, our immersive program invites you to discover the region’s magnificent gardens, sustainable farming practices, and farm-to-table culinary excellence.

Join us as we stroll through the renowned Portland Japanese Garden, the tranquil Lan Su Chinese Garden and The Oregon Garden, a breathtaking oasis spanning over 80 acres. Indulge in the flavors of theWillamette Valley with a farm-to-table dining experience at Humble Spirit, followed by Natalie’s Estate Winery where sustainable wine growing practices yield exquisite vintages for our private tasting session. Enjoy the Annual Dahlia Festival at Swan Island Dahlias, where thousands of blooms paint the landscape in vibrant hues and more. 


Don’t miss this unforgettable journey celebrating the beauty of Oregon’s landscapes, the richness of its agriculture, and the culinary excellence of its farm-to-table cuisine. Prepare to be enchanted by the sights, flavors, and hospitality of Portland and the Willamette Valley.

Learn more about the program and registration details here. Discover more about the details of the trip from the Q&A with AHS host Holly Shimizu.