The American Gardener

May/June 2023

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Features in this Issue

Evening Primroses by Jim Locklear

Add drama to the evening garden with evening primroses, a diverse genus of native perennials and subshrubs that cater to intriguing pollinators.

Designing Natural Gardens by Benjamin Vogt

With a little research, anyone can create a natural garden using regionally native plants.

Flavorful Homegrown Grapes by Charlie Nardozzi

Enhanced flavors and improved hardiness give home gardeners more growing options.

Tips for Container Gardening by Mary-Kate Mackey

Beautifully designed containers can thrive in challenging environments if you know these tricks of the trade.

In Defense of The Garden Journal by Marianne Willburn

In a world of cell phones and apps, keeping a record of plants, successes, and failures in an old-fashioned journal may be the best way to make ourselves better gardeners and more in tune with the environment.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

AHS ‘s Conversations with Great American Gardeners webinar series returns, Mercedes Bryant is new director of Travel Studies, two new gardens join the AHS’s Reciprocal Admissions Program, and more.

AHS News Special

See what’s in store for the AHS’s National Children & Youth Garden Symposium in Knoxville this July.

Insect Insights

Learn the basics of Integrated Pest Management.