The American Gardener

September/October 2021

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Features in this Issue

Bulb Buddies by Nancy J. Ondra

Planting spring bulbs with the right companions makes for doubly pleasing displays.

A Plant Breeder’s Garden by Nina A. Koziol

In his Michigan garden, Hans Hansen shows that plant breeding and garden design skills are not mutually exclusive.

Creating a Moving Experience by Karen Bussolini

Use creative design and plant selection to infuse a garden with a sense of movement and vitality.

Native Viburnums by Jessie Keith

Many native viburnums have ornamental fall fruit and foliage, but these versatile plants shine in the garden year round.

In Defense of Quieter, Healthier Neighborhoods by Marianne Willburn

When gardeners switch from gas-powered tools to electric ones to handle landscaping tasks, everyone benefits.

Highlights from our Departments

News from the AHS

Debut of Conversations with Great American Gardeners speaker series, seeking feedback on member survey, Inside–Outside House & Garden is new partner, and more.

RAP Gardens in Focus

Lessons on how to conserve water while maintaining a beautiful landscape abound at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City.

Insect Insights

A new series about the world of insects in our gardens.
Conservationist Danae Wolfe discusses favorite predator insects.