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  • May/June 2018 Issue

    Current members can learn about morning glories and their kin, new and exciting magnolias, the revival of the American native pawpaw fruit tree, design ideas for garden benches, and more. Several articles are open to all including a guide to creating colorful containers with foliage, a preview of our July conference on youth gardening, a visit to the Statewide Arboretum in Nebraska, how the AHS is helping feed giant pandas at the National Zoo, and reviews of pruning tools.

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    Past Issues

    March/April 2018 Issue

    Current members can learn about winning strategies in the battle against weeds, low-maintenance lawn alternatives that are environmentally friendly, exotic perennials for shade, backyard beekeeping, and more. Several articles are open to all including the announcement of our 2018 Great American Gardener and Book Award Winners, a visit to Cheekwood Estate & Gardens in Tennessee, and reviews of battery-powered tools.

    January/February 2018 Issue

    Current members can learn about an easy way to start seeds, how to nurture wildlife with native dioecious shrubs, choose varieties of spurflower (Plectranthus), grow ephemeral erythroniums (dogtooth violets and trout lilies), and more. Several articles are open to all such as a look at acclaimed new plants coming to garden centers this year.

    November/December 2017 Issue

    Current members can read about orchids with deceptive designs, poisonous plants that could harm a child or pet, the role of herbariums in science, ornamental plants with edible tubers, the latest gardening books, scientific news on gardens, and much more.

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    Writers Guidelines

    Interested in writing for TAG? Here's what you should know.

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    Photographers Guidelines

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a few hundred about what we look for in our photos.

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